Road Safety - The Big Issue

Since 1950 nearly 35,000 lives have been lost in Scotland due to crashes on the road network, whilst any casualty on our roads is a personal tragedy the level of crashes and injuries has reduced year on year.

In 2010 the country recorded its lowest ever casualty figures since records began and Glasgow as the biggest authority has played a major role in delivering these dramatic reductions.

The Go Safe Partnership has been set-up to ensure that road safety in our City continues to be a high priority.

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20 mph zones

Glasgow currently has 65 residential 20mph zones covering more than 100 miles or roughly 12 percent of the city’s roads.


The Lord Provost's Road Safety Award Ceremony

The Lord Provost presented over 60 schools with the prestigious Lord Provost’s Road Safety Award in the City Chambers.

Urban Rider

The Urban Rider course is aimed at businesses to make drivers more cycle aware and for anyone wishing to improve their cycling skills.

The Plan for Glasgow

Glasgow's road casualties are at their lowest since records began, indeed over the last decade Glasgow has surpassed all UK Government targets set for 2010 and achieved a 60% reduction in the number of persons killed or seriously injured on our roads and a 70% reduction in the number of children killed or seriously injured. (based on the 1994/8 average)

However there is no room for complacency. As we enter a new decade of road casualty targets for 2020, we must focus our efforts and be forward thinking and innovative in how we deliver our road safety service.

In 2009 the city formed the Go Safe Glasgow Road Safety Partnership, to reduce casualties whilst addressing the concerns of our residents.

It is widely considered that a successful casualty reduction partnership is built upon a strong foundation of key partners.

Each member contributes significantly to the overall success of the partnership and brings to the table a wealth of experience and expertise.

The constituent members of the Go Safe Glasgow Road Safety Partnership discuss the current issues and trends to ensure that the correct method is applied to address those issues. This could take the form of education training, publicity, enforcement and engineering. The partnership actively engages with road users to bring about changes in behaviour and attitude and to create a better informed and more responsible road user, whether they reside in Glasgow or commute or travel through our City.

Nationally and locally we have ambitious casualty reduction targets to be met by 2020 and we can achieve these targets by ensuring a cohesive partnership, working together, across the most highly populated area of Scotland.

The partnership is also looking to you as a resident, as a driver, as a pedestrian and as a parent or teacher, to take responsibility for your own actions and to lead by good example for the next generation of road users. Go Safe Glasgow!

George Cairns: Lead Officer for the
Go Safe Glasgow Partnership

Our Partners

Our Partners