Welcome to Bikeability, cycle training for children. You will find information and help to direct you to everything you need as a teacher, trainer or volunteer. Glasgow City Council is committed to encouraging schools to deliver cycle training on road and when schools sign up to this there are many services available to encourage pupils to participate.

You wouldn't learn to drive in a closed car park, and it stands to reason you shouldn't learn to cycle solely in the playground either. Every house in Scotland is connected to the road network, so all journeys will include a section on the road. Learning in general is most effective when done in the target environment. So if you're going to cycle on the road, you need to learn on the road – it's that simple.

There are 3 levels of Bikeability and Glasgow City Council offer Levels 1 and 2.

Level 1

This level teaches children basic skills of riding a bike, such as balance, control and making turns. It is usually delivered to Primary 5 pupils and takes place in the playground. If you are interested in delivering Level 1 training click on Level 1 tab, where you can request a visit from a Council Officer to come out to the school and explain what is involved. Resources can also be ordered here.

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Level 2

Cycle training may be carried out off road both on and off road. Training will be carried out in accordance with guidelines in the resources provided. Once a school has registered to participate the Road Safety Development team will distribute materials to schools. Officers will visit schools to discuss the trainer’s duties. If you wish to deliver Level 2 training, go to the Level 2 tab where you can find out more about the training, request a visit or order resources.

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To complement the training carried out in schools and provide support to trainers and pupils undertaking the different levels of Bikeability in the classroom or at home the Go Safe Glasgow Partnership has developed a suite of interactive cycling activities. This on-line resource is designed to enhance road skills and increase knowledge of the Highway Code in relation to cycling activities.

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Become a trainer

Volunteers are required to assist schools with on road training in their local area. The CTA (Cycle Training Assistant Course) is a one day standardised and accredited course and is designed to allow the candidate to assist in delivering Levels 1 and 2 of the Bikeability Scotland scheme. This enables volunteers to help pass on skills that will stay with children for the rest of their lives.

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Level 3

If you wish to become a volunteer and sit the Cycle TrainingAssistant Course to enable you to help schools, click tab forvolunteer request form and the Road Safety Development team can arrange a course for you.

Level 3 teaches children how to navigate more complex junctions and plan journeys effectively. It is aimed at Primary 7 pupils and supports them to make independent journeys and plan the quietest and safest route available. Level 3 is delivered on road, on a route that has been risk assessed by a qualified cycle trainer. Glasgow does not offer level 3 but if a school is interested after having completed levels 1 and 2, trainers can be trained to do so.

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