Bikeability - Level 1

Level 1 Bikeability Training will teach pupils to control and master their bikes. The training takes place in an environment away from cars or traffic, usually in a playground. Pupils will gain basic cycle control skills including starting and pedaling; stopping; manoeuvering; signaling and using gears on their bikes.

Once pupils have completed Level 1, they will receive a certificate and badge and be able to:

  • Get on their bikes, start cycling, then stop and get off
  • Ride their bikes using gears
  • Look then signal
  • Make their bikes go where they want it to, including moving around objects safely
  • Stop quickly if necessary
  • Look all around when riding, including behind, without wobbling
  • Give their bikes a simple check to ensure they are road-worthy

Certificates are available to download for pupils and badges can be ordered from the Road Safety Development Team and will be delivered to your school.

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