Advanced Driver Challenge

So you think you're a good driver?

Thank you for taking the advanced driver challenge.

The purpose of this exercise is to see how good you are at spotting hazards as you drive along a 30mph road on a typical rainy day in Glasgow.

There are three types of hazard:

1.Physical Hazards like junctions, roundabouts, bends and hillcrests.

2.Moving Hazards arising from the position or movement of other road users.

3.Environment Hazards arising from variations of the road surface, weather conditions and visibility.

Go take the challenge!

Hazard Perception - Module A

Now you've finished Module A, take a look at Module B.

Hazard Perception - Module B

Well how did you get on?

Hopefully, you spotted all the main hazards, but how many did you miss…one or two?

Most drivers think they are paying full attention to the road in front of them, but in reality, they don't look far enough ahead to spot a hazard as it develops - the phrase “it happened all of a sudden” is quite often recorded on most accident report forms, but by planning ahead and preparing for every eventuality, we can remove the “all of a sudden” factor and help make our roads safer for everyone.

Thank you and please Go Safe on your next journey.

For more information on how to further develop your driving skills, please contact the Road Safety Unit.

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