Older pedestrians are now a key priority for Glasgow's Road Safety Partnership.

Over the past three years 612 pedestrians have been injured on Glasgow's roads with 314 of them being killed or seriously injured.

In February this year, as part of an on-going programme, the Road Safety Unit along with their partners, have embarked on promoting safer road use to all pedestrians and drivers.

To kick-start the campaign an advert was produced and shown on STV in February and was shortly followed by a road show held at the St Enoch shopping centre.

Glasgow's Road Safety Unit in partnership with Police Scotland are also actively engaging elderly groups across the city to encourage safer road use and to remind pedestrians to use safer crossing facilities and make use of the 800 crossing facilities situated within local communities.

A leaflet 'Think Before You Step Out' has been produced and is being distributed to all libraries, health centres, doctors' surgeries, sports centres, local shops and supermarkets throughout the city.

Posters are also being displayed in Shopping Centres and places of interest such as the GOMA and the Lighthouse in the city centre.

Banners have also been placed on 200 lamp posts throughout the city at key accident locations.

A new educational school resource 'The Time Traveller' has been developed and funded to allow children to invite their older relatives to school for a road safety tea party and a chat with road safety partners.

The Road Safety Unit is working closely with First Bus and hopes that other large fleet operators in the city to support the initiative by asking their drivers to be more aware of vulnerable road users.

Drivers are also being encouraged to take an online driver skill test where they can pit their skills against a police advanced driver at:

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