ASA rejects complaint by anti-camera group

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has rejected a complaint against a phrase used on the Scottish Safety Camera Programme Office (SSCPO) website that said “cameras save lives”.

The ruling was made by the ASA following a complaint about the phrase by Dorset Speed, which is described in the ASA ruling as “an anti-speed camera group”.

The phrase was used in association with the publication of an annual statistical bulletin for safety cameras in Scotland, produced by the Scottish Government.

Responding to the complaint, the SSCPO said the “figures were a matter of fact and reflected accident numbers at the camera sites included in the report, before and after the cameras were enforced”.

SSCPO went on to say that the bulletin “was compiled from information gathered at Scottish programme sites and made no claims about any causation factors attributed to either baseline or subsequent data or that reductions in casualties could be specifically attributed to safety cameras”.

After considering the statement and the data that underpinned it, the ASA did not uphold the complaint.

The ASA adjudication said: “Because the data supported the claim there had been a 68% reduction in KSIs at camera sites, as claimed on the website, we concluded the claim had been substantiated and was not misleading.”


No further action will be taken by the ASA.

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