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There is a great deal of information collected about casualties on Great Britain’s roads and this is analysed on a regular basis by the Department for Transport, local authorities and police forces.

The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) has published a new report to coincide with Global Road week .This report considers long-term trends in pedestrian casualties and analyses recent results in detail providing insight into the casualties.]

As well as analysing the where, how and when of collision circumstances there is also a thorough review of the people involved, where they come from, their ages and socio-economic backgrounds.

People involved as pedestrian casualties:

  • The age at which pedestrians are most at risk is 12 years old with one in 651 children of that age reported as a pedestrian casualty.
  • Pedestrian casualties, and more prominently child casualties, are more likely to come from deprived areas. Of all child casualties, 40% come from the most deprived 20% of society.
  • There are significant differences in the mix of  adult and child pedestrian casualties in different parts of GB ranging from equal proportions in Blackburn and Darwen down to as little as 1% child casualties in Westminster London Borough.
  • People living in Daventry District (Northamptonshire) are least likely to be a pedestrian casualty with risk levels 60% lower than the national average.
  • People living in Newham London Borough are most likely to be a pedestrian casualty with risk levels 111% higher than the national average.

The report provides information rather than recommendations but there are some broad conclusions that should be considered carefully by all road safety stakeholder when engaging with pedestrians in their local area. Road safety interventions and campaigns should always be grounded in a strong evidential base and further local assessment may be required to better understand the problems pedestrians face around Great Britain

The full report can be downloaded at

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