None for the Road

The Go Safe Glasgow Road Safety Partnership has today launched a new drink drive publicity campaign to tie in with the change in the law in Scotland.

The Scottish Government have brought in the required legislation that will reduce the drink drive limit in Scotland from the existing blood /alcohol limit of 80mg / 100ml to 50 mg / 100ml and consequential equivalent reductions in the breath and urine limit.

Over the years substantial research and evidence has been provided on the impact of drinking and driving.The British Medical Association carried out work in 2008 which showed the relative accident risk of drivers with a Blood Alcohol Count(BAC) of 50mg / 100ml is double that for a person with zero BAC.

The evidence therefore is fairly compelling that the new limit will not only save lives on our roads but also heighten the awareness of the dangers of driving after even one drink  or the morning after a ‘heavy’ night.

To raise awareness of the dangers of drink driving and the new lower limit Glasgow City Council's Road Safety Unit will be distributing posters, beermats and coaster into clubs, pubs and public car parks across the City to remind drivers that "None for the Road" is the only safe option.

The partnerhsip produced a short advert to demonstrate the reality and consequences of drinking and driving!

The video can be viewed at 


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