Think Before You Step Out

Think Before You Step Out Campaign

The Go Safe Glasgow Road Safety Partnership has launched a new road safety campaign aimed at pedestrians.

The number of pedestrians killed or seriously injured on Glasgow's roads had been falling steadily for the past ten years with fatal accidents reaching single figures for the first time on record during 2012 and 2013.

However there has been a sharp increase in the number of pedestrians killed during 2015, with a large percentage of them being older road users.

Glasgow City Council has been working closely with Police Scotland to determine why there was such a large increase, however, the findings show that the majority of accidents were down to human error.

Sometimes the driver could have done more, but in most cases, if the pedestrian had taken a wee bit more care, a road casualty could easily have been avoided.

The 'Think Before You Step Out' campaign, which includes a TV advert, demonstrates how to avoid becoming a road casualty and includes a leaflet which tells people how not to cross the road, based on actual serious and fatal accidents which have occurred on the city's roads.

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