Safety cameras are a good idea!

82% of people now say it is acceptable for local authorities to use safety cameras, but 45% think that raising income is still a main reason for their use, according to an IAM survey.

The survey results are presented in a report titled ‘Speed cameras: a snapshot of public opinion’.

The annual survey also reveals that 72% of respondents think that speed awareness courses are a good idea, and 85% think that cameras have helped to contribute to the fall in road deaths since the 90s.

The results do, however, vary from country to country.

Cameras are least popular in Wales where 32% of respondents think they are unacceptable. At 27%, Wales also had the highest number of respondents who had either been caught speeding or knew someone in their household who was caught speeding.

Cameras are most popular in Scotland where only 15% think they are unacceptable, and just 14% of Scottish respondents or a member of their household had been caught speeding.

In England, 20% of respondents think cameras are not acceptable, and 19% of households had someone who had been convicted of speeding.

Simon Best, IAM chief executive, said: “Simply catching and fining drivers does not change drivers’ awareness of the hazards of excessive speed. The popularity of speed awareness courses show that the public think training is the best option.

“Speed cameras are an essential part of the policing toolkit and are becoming more and more accepted, but it’s clear that some people need reassuring about their purpose and funding.”

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