Time Travellers come to Easterhouse

Road Safety Authorities and non-government organizations place much focus on road safety and the younger generation – but often neglect the older road users. The group of elderly road users is getting increasingly larger and our road safety strategies should pay more attention to the possibilities and limitations of this group of road users. To address these concerns Go Safe Glasgow have launched a new initiative aimed at the elderly as part of the council's road casualty reduction strategy.

As part of this on-going Time Traveller Older Pedestrian campaign, the road safety team, visited the Daffodil Lunch Club in Easterhouse to give out advice and information to older people about keeping safe on our roads and also to find out what their issues and fears are when crossing roads.

Alan Barclay of the road safety team is pictured with Sylvia, a committee member of the lunch club and one of the Daffodil Lunch club members.  

The feedback from events such as this will help the Road Safety Unit devise, develop and improve road safety campaigns in the future and help keep our community safer.


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Our Partners