Glasgow 'Goes Safe' With New Campaign

The partnership’s first campaign looked at the issue of speeding. In 2007/8 a community survey highlighted road safety and in particular speeding as a high priority concern within our communities. Research has shown that the vast majority of drivers adhere to the speed limit and that some may exceed the limit occasionally.

The occasional speeder is more likely to change his behaviour by being exposed to key messages and education, they will think more about the consequences of their actions, but must be reminded that even a slight increased in speed can be the difference between life and death. However there is a small group of drivers who we call excessive speeders.

The excessive speeder doesn’t really have a conscience and the only way to deal with such a driver is through targeted enforcement. The 2010 campaign had a city-wide message for all drivers, but we targeted our enforcement in an area with a demographically high population of older residents where a number of serious and fatal incidents had occurred.

The campaign was welcomed by residents and motorists alike. One excessive speeder was caught at the site of a previous fatal accident doing 60mph in a 30mph limit, in torrential rain - in this instance the driver would have lost his licence and no doubt there would have been repercussions on his personal and work life.

September 2009

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