Glasgow Launches Its Latest 'Go Safe' Cycling Campaign

Commuters in Glasgow are being asked to help reduce the number of cycling accidents by showing respect and courtesy to road users as the city highlights its new ‘Go Safe’ campaign.

Go Safe Glasgow, the city’s multi-agency road safety partnership, is launching the drive following an increase in the number of cycling casualties from 2009 compared to 2010.

Although the casualty trend over the last five years has remained quite steady,the number of serious injuries recorded during 2010 rose slightly compared to 2009.

This increase in casualties may be due to a number of reasons including more cyclists on the road or increased reporting to police, but the partnership is using the opportunity to remind all road users that the road is a shared place and we must all use it with care and courtesy.

The statistics, from Strathclyde Police, also show that:
The vast majority of cycling accidents occur in the city centre and main routes to and from the south and west of the city.

The main profile of the injured cyclist is a male in his thirties commuting to and from work during peak times, in the summer months. 50% of all injuries occur at peak times, 7am-9am and 4pm-7pm.

The accidents mostly involve cars with the highest causation being drivers failing to look properly at a junction.

Realising that some cyclists too also put themselves at risk on the road, the campaign is aimed at both cyclists and drivers asking them both to show consideration to other road users and share our roads with respect, courtesy and care.

September 2011

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