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In a recent survey of UK drivers it was found that 1 driver in every 20 had accepted penalty points for someone else. Have you ever taken penalty points for another person?



On the 5 December 2014 a new drink drive limit was introduced in Scotland, how many alcoholic drinks would you have before driving?

More than two.(0%)

One or two(12%)


Spending on cycling by Government is currently estimated to be just 2 pounds per head. To make the necessary improvements to infrastructure and training the Transport Select Committee says this amount needs to be 10 pounds per head of population, do you?



A new report commisioned by RoSPA has concluded that road deaths and serious injuries involving at-work drivers and riders is one of the most serious road safety issues, do you:

Agree - driving for work is really dangerous.(25%)

Disagree, resources should be targetted at cyclists and pedestrians.(75%)

It has been stated recently that the Highway Code is not fit for purpose, do you agree?



The Government are proposing to introduce on the spot fixed penalty fines for careless driving to free up police time to deal with more serious driving offences, do you:



Young drivers could have to display probationary? licence plates after passing their test, under plans being considered by the Government, do you:



Health experts across the UK have called for a ban on smoking in cars on 'child welfare' grounds. Do you think a ban should be considered on 'road safety' grounds?



Do you agree with making the learning period for young drivers to be one year starting at age sixteen and a half?



Motorists face new fines for traffic offences under plans to transfer powers from police to local authorities, do you think this will be of a benefit to road safety?



Road deaths have increased in 2011 according to recently published Government figures. Do you think the increase is due to:

Lack of investment in road safety.(0%)

Reduction in number of safety cameras.(50%)

Speeding drivers.(0%)

An increase was due as casualties have reduced every year in recent times.(50%)

The Government has outlined proposals to increase penalties for driving offences. The 30 increase has to go to victims of crime, do you agrre with this proposal?



New research has indicated that almost 1 in 10 drivers admit to using their phone for email or social networking purposes whilst driving. Have you ever used your smartphone whilst driving?



Proposals have been put forward to address young driver restrictions. Would you be in favour of a curfew and limiting the number of passengers that can be carried?



Motorway speed limits are currently being discussed with a view to raising the speed limit to 80mph. Do you think:

The limit should be set at more than 80mph(33%)

The limit should be changed to 80mph(33%)

The limit should remain unchanged(33%)

No opinion on this matter(0%)

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